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These Are Important Things To Consider While Choosing Car Insurance!

In South Africa According to the Automobile Association of South Africa, there are 11.4 million registered vehicles on South Africa’s roads and between 65% and 70% of those cars are uninsured.

Although among of the motorists may argue that car insurance is too expensive, crashes do occur and driving without cover can have greater financial implications.

All in all bellow there are a few key points that should always be considered before making a final decision on insurance,

  • Have you considered all the costs?

Is the most important and the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a car insurance policy,many forget that cost is including; excess structure, additional non-standard items fitted onto a vehicle and for the savvier insurers; the amount and way a person drives

  • Lower premium vs. lower excess
    These two factors all depends on your financial situation.
  • Do you understand the fine print?

Have you shopped around?

Some how consider getting a minimum of three quotes from a variety of reputable companies.
What other factors determine the price of car insurance?

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