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Know Different Types of Car Insurance!

Bellow are the most common types of car insurance policies:

First One Is Comprehensive cover: This type covers the cost of repairs or replacement of your own vehicle,cost of emergency repairs, transportation costs and damage caused by other drivers and property whether you are at fault or not.

Second One Is Third Party Fire & Theft cover: This type covers you for loss or damage of your car if it is stolen or catches fire in addition to your liability for damage caused by your car to other people’s property.

Third One Is Third party property cover:This type of car insurance covers damage that you have caused to another person’s vehicle or property.

Note that this type does not cover the cost of damage to your own car.

Third party property only includes legal costs, limited damage by uninsured drivers and claims service.

Fourth One Is Compulsory third party insurance (CTP): This type of insurance is required for every registered driver in Australia just because it indemnifies drivers who are legally liable for personal injury to another party in the event of a car accident. This can include other drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians.

This type is required by each state and territory. It protects any person that you might injure while you are driving.

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