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Know Car Insurance For Young Drivers!

Am sure every one will agree that buying the first car is exciting and no doubt about that, but that’s not the only important decision you need to consider.

First before taking your new car out on the road, you should decide on which type of insurance policy is right for you or otherwise, you might unexpectedly find yourself right back at square one without a car, and with no money to buy another.

Know that the right insurance can provide that security, but more importantly, it can provide the much needed peace of mind.

Types of insurance for young drivers
Third party fire and theft
Third party property
Compulsory third party (CTP)

Insurance considerations for young drivers
Extra costs

Young drivers may have extras to pay as an insured under 25-year-old1

High-performance car restrictions

Know that if you’re under 25 and on a provisional licence, you’ll face fines and loss of demerit points if caught driving a high-powered car

Car modifications

Here Rules and regulations exist to govern vehicle modifications and keep cars safe

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